1. consisting of or resembling mother-of-pearl
Pertains to noun: ↑nacre
Derivationally related forms: ↑nacre
2. having a play of lustrous rainbow colors

an iridescent oil slick


nacreous (or pearlescent) clouds looking like mother-of-pearl


a milky opalescent (or opaline) luster

Syn: ↑iridescent, ↑opalescent, ↑opaline, ↑pearlescent
Similar to: ↑bright
Derivationally related forms: ↑opalescence (for: ↑opalescent), ↑opalesce (for: ↑opalescent), ↑iridescence (for: ↑iridescent), ↑iridesce (for: ↑iridescent)

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  • nacreous — (adj.) resembling nacre, 1807, from NACRE (Cf. nacre) + OUS (Cf. ous) …   Etymology dictionary

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  • nacreous — Lustrous, like mother of pearl; descriptive term for bacterial colonies. [Fr. nacre, mother of pearl] * * * na·cre·ous nā krē əs, k(ə )rəs adj having a pearly appearance <nacreous bacterial colonies> * * * na·cre·ous (naґkre əs) [Fr.… …   Medical dictionary

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  • nacreous — na·cre·ous || neɪkrɪəs adj. of pearl, of mother of pearl; shiny, iridescent …   English contemporary dictionary

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